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Let me help you find the perfect balance within your body, mind, and spirit!

Jeanné Aken is a certified librarian who has always had a fascination with the connection between learning and moving.  She continues to take classes to improve her own knowledge and skills in how the body can support the brain.


She has been teaching Brain Gym movements in the schools she serves for the past 15 years because she wants to give students of all ages tools to know themselves and to make learning enjoyable


With over 256 hours of accredited education in Brain Gym applications, and thousands of hours actively teaching Brain Gym to students and parents, Jeanné has earned a reputation of being thorough and complete when assessing the needs of children and adults.


As a nationally certified teacher, Jeanné is also well equipped to train others in delivering Brain Gym activities to your school or place of business.




Brain Gym Instructor

Vision Circles Instructor

Building Blocks Instructor

Blomberg RMT Consultant

Reiki Master

Body Talk Consultant

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Jeanné Aken

Inside Balance

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